Canadians Achieve Record Year in 2014 for Wind Farm Installations

LCG, January 23, 2015--The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) announced that in 2014 Canada set a record for the installation of new wind energy capacity. A total of 1,871 MW of electric generating capacity was installed, increasing Canada's wind farm generating capacity to nearly 9,700 MW at year-end.

WPS Files Application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to Build Combined Cycle Facility at Fox Energy Center

LCG, January 22, 2015--Wisconsin Public Service Corp. (WPS) submitted its application for permission from the state Public Service Commission to install a 400-MW natural gas-fired, combined-cycle generating unit at the Fox Energy Center in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. The estimated cost of the project is $517 million. Construction is anticipated to begin late in the spring of 2016.

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GE to Construct Hybrid Renewable Power Plant in Turkey

LCG, June 8, 2011--GE Energy (GE) announced that Turkey's MetCap Energy Investments selected GE's hybrid renewable-natural gas, combined cycle design for a 530-MW plant scheduled to commence operations in 2015. The energy facility will include wind turbines with a generating capacity of 22 MW, along with 50 MW of solar-thermal technology. The project site is in south central Turkey.

The solar thermal power system will be created by eSolar. GE announced on Monday that it would invest in eSolar to supply the solar portion of the system and that it would have licensing rights to sell and develop stand-alone solar thermal or hybrid power plants globally, using eSolar's technology.

eSolar employs a concentrated solar power (CSP) design. A field of sun-tracking, dual-axis heliostats reflects solar energy on a thermal receiver mounted atop a central power tower. The energy is used to create steam. In this hybrid design, the solar steam supplements the steam supply created from the gas-fired, combustion turbines. The high-pressure steam in turn drives the steam turbine to generate power.

Conceptually, the hybrid design adds solar power at a low incremental cost relative to building a stand-alone solar thermal power plant, as the incremental cost (above a stand-alone gas-fired combined cycle plant) is roughly the cost of the heliostats and power tower.

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