UPLAN Training

LCG is organizing several web-based training sessions which will be offered to all UPLAN users. The agenda for the training is as follows. Session 1 and Session 2 are for beginners and Session 3 deals with advanced ERCOT specific items.

Session 1 - UPLAN Generation, Costs & Revenues Session 2 - Transmission & Congestion Modeling
Topic Topic
Training Overview Transmission Overview
Introduction to UPLAN Buses, Branches, N-X & SPS
Data Structure and Architecture Visualization Through Bus and Single Line Diagram
UPLAN User Interface
Generator Database Zones & Ancillary Services
Fuel Model Interfaces
Emissions Modeling Setup & Configuration Options
Maintenance Submitting Runs & Powerstack
Load Database Standard Reports
DEMO - Create Long Term Load Forecast Report Generator
Session 3 - Intermediate & Advanced
ERCOT-Specific Features (UPLAN 9.0)
  • Ancillary Services
  • Load Rollover
  • Power Imbalance Penalty Curve
  • AC Load Fow for SCED
Advanced Generator Features
  • Combine Cycle Modeling
  • Systemic Hydro
Shadow Price Caps
  • by voltage level
  • by monitored branch and contingency pairs
Contingency Analysis
  • Model open and closed branches in one contingency
  • Monitored and contingency pairs
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Generator X
Generation and Transmission Planning and Optimization
The Locational Marginal Price Model (LMP) Network Power Model
Day Ahead and Real Time Market Simulation
Day-ahead and real-time portfolio revenue optimization
The Gas Procurement and Competitive Analysis System
Database of Plants, Loads, Assets, Transmission...
Annual summary of prices, congestion and important events in ERCOT
CAISO CRR Auctions
Monthly Price and Congestion Forecasting Service