A True Full-Scale MIP Optimizer

A Daily Energy Model that Simulates Real-Time Dispatch at Intra-Hour Level

UPLAN-ACE simulates the day-ahead and real-time electricity markets. ACE optimizes daily unit commitment to model the day-ahead market. It optimizes the real-time dispatch (RTM) every five minutes. The model also produces 15 minute settlement LMPs and ancillary service prices.

The UPLAN Advanced Clearing Engine (UPLAN-ACE) projects day-ahead market operation using procedure adopted by operators and real-time economic dispatch based on 5-minute intervals for every hour of operation. UPLAN-ACE integrates both day-ahead and real-time generation offers and demand bids. ACE co-optimizes energy and ancillary services to provide hourly day-ahead operation and 5-minute dispatch in the real time. A novel feature of UPLAN-ACE is its capability to simulate the renewable and the intermittent nature of new technologies such as batteries, fly-wheels and other fast response technologies.

UPLAN-ACE comprises of a Day-Ahead Market Model (DAM) and a Real-time Market Model (RTM). The DAM simulates the daily forward market such as in CAISO, ERCOT, PJM and other BAs, day-ahead settlement process, and the Reliability (or Residual) Unit Commitment (RUC) procedure. The DAM simulates Supply/Demand, procures Ancillary Services, and determines the day-ahead LMPs, injection quantities, A/S prices and award. It also emulates the Residual Unit Commitment process so there are enough resources online in real time to meet real-time demand. DAM can also run for seven successive days to provide seven day-ahead forecast of market operations.

The Real-Time Model (RTM) simulates the hour ahead scheduling process and real-time dispatch every 5 minutes. It utilizes the commitment schedule of DAM, forecasts real-time loads, and performs dispatch on a 5 minute basis including optimal power flow. RTM produces LMPs, imbalance schedule, and revised dispatch.

Day-Ahead and Real-Time Market Dispatch

UPLAN-ACE simulates overall day-ahead market using 24-hour Security-Constrained Unit Commitment (SCUC) and Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) to determine all the components of LMPs. The model schedules day-ahead resources in appropriate amounts and locations to meet forecast energy (loads) and ancillary services (reserves) requirements, while taking into account region-specific operating protocols as well as transmission constraints. Optimal Power Flow simulation is used to ensure that the final unit commitment can in fact obey all transmission constraints including line contingencies and generator outages. UPLAN-ACE realistically characterizes generators’ market participation based on opportunity costs or bids, with virtual bids or arbitrage, which is simulated by incorporating the RUC process in DAM.

For SCED, the OPF simulation will optimally re-dispatch the resources to manage congestion while obeying transmission constraints such as line thermal limits, including use of post-contingency analysis for all specified contingencies under which the dispatch is required to remain secure. The DAM and RTM provide the most realistic simulation of the day-ahead energy and ancillary service markets and real-time market.

Features of UPLAN-ACE

  • Day-Ahead Market Simulation
  • Real-time Simulation at 5-minute Interval
  • Full Network Congestion Analysis for both Day-Ahead and Real-time Simulation
  • Co-optimization of Energy and Ancillary Services
  • Optimal Power Flow for Transmission Congestion Management
  • Use of transmission constraints and determination of all congestion in the Day-Ahead Markets
  • Distributed marginal (or average) losses for unit commitment and dispatch
  • LMPs for energy at every node and A/S prices at every ISO/BA controlled Zone, Hub and Settlement Point
  • 5-minute Simulation of Renewals, Intermittent Technologies, Fast Storage, and 15-minute Settlement
  • Real-time market using short-term volatility
  • Real-time and Day-Ahead CRR risk analysis
  • 5-minute Energy, Generator Performance, Capacity and Ancillary Services Prices and Revenues


UPLAN-ACE is Used by ...

  • Short-term (1—7 days) operation planners and market participants
  • Day-Ahead and Real-Time energy traders and asset managers
  • Financial institutions for deal structuring
  • UPLAN Network Planning Model (UPLAN-NPM) users for consistent short and long term planning
  • Participants in RTM to estimate revenues from renewable and A/S resources

UPLAN-ACE DAM and RTM with Economic Dispatch Process

UPLAN-NPM Single Line Diagram

Short Term Portfolio Optimization Model (PowerMax)

LCG also offers Portfolio Revenue Optimization Model (PowerMax), which optimizes the resource portfolio including demand, supply, contracts and other obligations. It can capture and evaluate different market opportunities as they optimize the portfolio to maximize the total revenues.

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